Dental practices inevitably need to enter into a number of contractual arrangements and increasingly we are encountering situations where the absence of agreements or the presence of those that are out of date is causing unnecessary dispute and consequent bad feeling.  Whilst ultimately you may well require the services of a lawyer in order to conclude matters, many practitioners find it useful to discuss their options in a non-legal environment before embarking on discussions with a solicitor.

Whether your requirement is to establish or amend partnership agreements or even document them for the first time, introduced or amend associate agreements or to implement other contracts our expertise is available to assist you and to guide you as necessary.

If you are in a partnership, does your agreement make provision for the transfer of ownership in the event of death or in the event of serious incapacity? Furthermore, if you have an agreement in place is packed by adequate insurance? Unfortunately, this seems to be a hot topic at the moment and one in which we can provide considerable advice and help to avoid what can become an extremely traumatic issue.

We can offer advice on:

  • Partnership Agreements
  • Buy out Clauses and Double Option Agreements
  • Associate Agreements