“We appointed Mike through professional recommendation to carry out a practice valuation during the bidding process. He immediately understood the valuation brief and proceeded to act on behalf of ourselves as purchaser during negotiations with the vendors’ agent. He moved through the successive phases of valuation with great efficiency and ensured that we secured the purchase at a fair market value below the initial asking price. A prompt and tidy outcome for a reasonable fee, for which thanks”

Dr Wilkinson, London

“I’ve been working as a dental associate for 9 years. I started looking to buy a dental practice more than 3 years ago. I have seen a few practices and I can tell a few stories, some of them unbelievable. I learned quickly that I needed experience or help. It takes a lifetime to get experience, so I chose help. I was fortunate when a good friend who just bought a dental practice recommended Mike Hughes to me. I have made the phone call. A decision that I will never regret! The ”industry” is an interesting game and I can say one thing, Mike Hughes knows the industry…and the people…and one more thing: he is not philosophical about it, he gets things done quickly and precisely. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the guidance and support I received from Mike when I decided to buy my dream dental practice. From the first steps of initial evaluation to negotiating the best deal for me, he was always personally involved and made time to be always available. His experience is invaluable. I have my full trust in him and his ability to control the situation. His communication is impeccable and he was there for me day and night. He secured the deal for me with an impressive reduction of the asking price. Many thanks, Mr Mike Hughes!”

Dr Mihail Drug Ionescu DMD, PhD, MSc